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April 2018

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For the love of Stage Managers

stage manager, noun a person responsible for the technical details of a theatrical production, assisting the director during rehearsal, supervising the lighting, costuming, setting, prompting, etc., and assuming full responsibility for the stage during a performance of a play. Let me tell you – this wee blog post is far too short to list the number of jobs/responsibilities that is covered in that ‘etc.’ that you read in the above definition (provided by Stage Managers  ...

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Shoot & Share

So I entered a contest. For the first time. Ever. It was a big one too. Here’s some stats to show you just how big: worldwide contest there were over 412,000 photos were submitted there were over 75 MILLION votes cast And I did not too bad! EIGHT of my 50 photos placed in the top 30% or higher, and one was even a finalist (and placed 108th out of the 14426 photos in it’s category! I thought I’d share my results, and the images that received recognition. It was a big step  ...

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