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It’s International Women’s Day.

I am very fortunate to be surrounded with magnificent women in all areas of my life. These women are skilled, intelligent, beautiful, empowered and powerful. They are forces to be reckoned with and are constantly pushing the boundaries of social norms, expectations, and success.

With this in mind, I’m thrilled to share with you an exciting project I’m working on (the title inspired by the very talented Lisa Lahue):Theatre Orangeville has a staff of about 18 people. 16 of them are women, (myself included). We as a collective are incredibly proud of the brilliant women in our midst. Among us are the first two women to be featured as part of this #buildlikeaGIRL campaign. Beckie Morris (Theatre Orangeville’s Production Manager and resident Set Designer) and Lisa Lahue (Technical Director) are two of the finest carpenters/builders/prop makers I know. (Pictured below!)

If you’ve seen a Theatre Orangeville production lately chances are good that Beckie’s designed it, and Beckie and Lisa have lead the build of the set itself. Not only that, but they run Theatre Orangeville’s scene shop and build sets and props for other theatres, as well as structures and fixtures for corporate and commercial businesses! They run our production team, consisting of a number of other very talented ladies (and a few gents every now and then), including the mentoring of co-op students and aspiring theatre technicians. They are nothing short of remarkable. I couldn’t be prouder to work alongside them.

To check out some of the awesome builds they get into, check out Theatre Orangeville’s Instagram page every now and again (and follow this blog for the next instalment of #buildlikeaGIRL)!

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