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The Perfect Spot

Lifestyle headshots are a favourite of mine. Sometimes a clean, clear background is exactly what a client needs for a versatile headshot. Others can really benefit from using their favourite location as their backdrop. For this client, nothing could have spoke more about who she is than the serenity of this beautiful bit of heaven at her home. I was very lucky to share it for the time we were there. Absolutely bliss!

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For the love of Stage Managers

stage manager, noun a person responsible for the technical details of a theatrical production, assisting the director during rehearsal, supervising the lighting, costuming, setting, prompting, etc., and assuming full responsibility for the stage during a performance of a play. Let me tell you – this wee blog post is far too short to list the number of jobs/responsibilities that is covered in that ‘etc.’ that you read in the above definition (provided by Stage Managers  ...

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Fall Families

I’m a little behind on the “keeping things up to date” topic. It seems to be an area that I need to improve. See, the trouble is, life gets in the way and generally takes precedence over remembering to post blog updates. That said, here are a couple of families that braved deceivingly cold temperatures late last fall (or early winter if going by the thermometer!)  

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