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Little Loves – Preview 1 of 2!

These kids. These vivacious, bold, confident kids. These four beautiful, remarkable youth – the brood of one of my dearest. I have been taking their Christmas photos since there was just barely three of them, and by next year’s shoot there will be five. It’s possibly my favourite family session of the year. This will be the first of two previews – this one of course mustn’t include the photos that will be on this awesome family’s Christmas cards, so  ...

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Families, Lifestyle, My Work

For the love of family

I work with so many wonderful families each year and this one was no different. It was great fun to see them interact with one another – the siblings all grown and at different stages of life, and mom and dad, newly retired and on to the next adventure. All my best goes out to these lovely humans. What a pleasure it was to work with you!

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