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Soul Food

As 2017 is already proving to challenge me in ways I never imagined it would, I’m turning my focus to the things I can control and am excited to share with you the first instalment of a personal photojournalism project I have taken on.

I’m excited to share with you some of my favourite local spots… firstly because if you haven’t experienced these places – you must, and secondly, it’s a great way for me to connect with my community, and build a local-focused collection of work. The way I see it, everybody wins!

First up, my absolute favourite lunch spot, Soulyve. Head chef and owner, Phil DeWar, is a genius of all things caribbean cuisine and has created an absolutely stellar menu. (Not to mention, he’s one of the nicest, hardworking guys out there!) When I dropped him a line to see if he’d be ok with me bringing my camera in, he was more than accommodating and game to give me whatever time I needed. He’s become a pillar in the food scene of our community and if you haven’t enjoyed Soulyve yet – get going!

You can find Soulyve at 34 Mill Street in Orangeville or check them out online:

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