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Strong willed girls…

I LOVE photographing the same families year after year. I love watching them grow and change, seeing the kids develop personalities and relationships with their siblings… I love seeing parents raising strong willed children – especially little girls. This family has not one, but two strong willed girls, who will no doubt force their little brother to be just as defiantly confident (or at least I hope that will be the case for his sake!). The two photos below are 16 months apart and it looks like this little man is learning to hold his own. (Good luck JR, those sisters of yours are their mama through and through!)

All my love to this awesome fam! It’s always a pleasure!




Oh… did I mention they have a new puppy! I LOVE PUPPIES!


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  1. Kelli

    December 1, 2016 at 4:22 am

    Beautiful… full of life and love!

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